MH17: как и кто?

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Предварительный отчет 9.09.2014

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Preliminary report Crash involving Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777-200 flight MH17 … mh17-crash … ctief2.pdf … actief.pdf




Ukrainian State Air Traffc Service Enterprise (UkSATSE)
• At 14.56 hrs on 17 July 2014 the UkSATSE issued NOTAM A1507/14, adding another
restricted area over the existing (mentioned in NOTAM A1492/14) from FL320 to an
unlimited altitude.
• At 00.07 hrs on 18 July 2014 the UkSATSE issued NOTAM A1517/14, which increased
the size of the restricted area and imposed a limitation from the surface to an
unlimited altitude.
International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO)
• On 29 July 2014 ICAO, in association with the International Air Transport Association
(IATA), Airports Council International (ACI) and the Civil Air Navigation Services
Organization (CANSO) announced the outcomes of an urgent meeting regarding the
risks to civil aviation arising from conflict zones, which were that ICAO, with support
of its industry partners, would:
– immediately establish a senior-level task force composed of state and industry
experts to address the civil aviation and national security aspects of this challenge,
in particular how information can be effectively collected and disseminated.
– submit the task force fndings as urgently as possible to a special meeting of the
ICAO Council for action.
ICAO will convene a high-level safety conference with all of its 191 member states in
February 2015.


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This report is preliminary. The information must necessarily be regarded as tentative and
subject to alteration or correction if additional evidence becomes available. Further work
will at least include the following areas of interest to substantiate the factual information
• detailed analyses of data, including CVR, FDR and other sources, recorded onboard
the aircraft;
• detailed analyses of recorded ATC surveillance data and radio communication;
• detailed analyses of the meteorological circumstances;
• forensic examination of wreckage if recovered and possible foreign objects, if found;
• results of the pathological investigation;
• analyses of the in-flight break up sequence;
• assessment of the operator’s and State of Occurrence’s management of flight safety
over a region of conflict or high security risk;
• any other areas that are identifed during the investigation.


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The sampling rate of the various parameters
displayed, vary from 8 times per second to once per
4 seconds. This explains why not all lines end at the
same moment. Shown between brackets below, are
the sampling rates of the various parameters.
Flight Level:
Altitude in feet above mean sea level divided by
100 (1 x per sec).
Cabin Altitude:
Cabin pressure expressed as an equivalent altitude
in feet above mean sea level (1 x per 4 sec).
Cabin Altitude Warning:
Warning initiated in the cockpit when cabin altitude
exceeds a predefned limit (1 x per sec).
Displayed Heading:
Angle in degrees between the longitudinal axis
(where the aircraft is pointed) and magnetic north
as displayed on the primary flight display (1 x per
Computed Airspeed:
Indicated airspeed in knots corrected for instrument
errors and position error (1 x per sec).
Vertical Acceleration:
Acceleration of the aircraft in G’s in the vertical axis
(8 x per sec).
Engine Pressure Ratio:
A means of measuring the amount of thrust being
produced by a jet engine (1 x per sec).
Master Warning:
Parameter indicating when the master warning light
is illuminated (1 x per sec)


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Вы здесь » MH17: как и кто? » Отчеты и доклады DSB и JIT » Предварительный отчет 9.09.2014